Is Tile Backer Board Insulation the Key to Durable Installations?


Tile backer board insulation is a versatile and innovative material used in tile installations. It consists of a rigid panel made from materials such as cement, fibreglass, or foam, specifically designed to provide insulation and support for tiles. But what makes it so beneficial, and how does it work? How Does Tile Backer Board Insulation…

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Is Tile Backer Board Suitable for Installing Large-Format Tiles?

tile backer boards

What Are Large-Format Tiles and Why Are They Popular? Large-format Tile Backer Boards, also known as oversized tiles or slabs by Cosyspace, are ceramic or porcelain tiles that exceed standard size range. While traditional tiles typically measure around 12×12 inches, large-format tiles can be as large as 5×10 feet or more. Their increasing popularity can…

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