XPS Foam Insulation High Quality insulation | 6mm 10mm 20mm

XPS Foam Insulation High Quality insulation | 6mm 10mm 20mm

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The Cosyspace XPS Foam Insulation are manufacture from fully recyclable materials.  They are produce from foamed polystyrene, a material that does not deteriorate. The cell structure in the board is build up from very fine close cells that give the product its excellent physical and mechanical characteristics.

An excellent insulation that saves energy

This special cell structure means that the sheet does not conduct heat. When you lay Cosyspace XPS Foam Insulation as an underlay any heat from your room or floor. It will be reflecte back towards the floor surface.  This is because you will not be wasting heat through your floor. It will utilize your energy in a very green efficient manner, thereby lowering your energy consumption and carbon footprint.

Effective protection against cold and damp

Cosyspace XPS boards do not only take care of the heat. They are also an effective guard against the cold and damp. The cold will be held back by the non-conducting characteristics of the foam and as the Cosyspace XPS board is also water repellent. It will not rot or go moldy and will help hold back any damp from your floor.  Cosyspace XPS boards are also resistant to cement, plaster, and most alkalis (lime or soda), however, not against organic solvents (i.e. acids)