Water Underfloor Heating Board – EPS Board | 1200 x 600 x 25mm

Water Underfloor Heating Board – EPS Board | 1200 x 600 x 25mm

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Water Underfloor Heating Boards EPS100 Grooved Foil: Enhance Performance and Efficiency

Our Water Underfloor Heating Board EPS100 grooved foil offer exceptional thermal insulation, moisture prevention, and uniform heat distribution, these boards create a highly energy-efficient and comfortable heating system. They are the perfect solution for those seeking to improve the performance of their water-based underfloor heating system.

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Core Material

Our underfloor heating boards, are constructed with EPS, a lightweight and thermally insulating material. EPS is renowned for its outstanding thermal insulation properties, effectively preventing heat from dissipating downwards into the subfloor or ground.

Underfloor Board Insulation with Grooved Foil Layer

The top surface of our insulation boards features a grooved foil layer that serves multiple purposes. This innovative foil layer acts as a vapor barrier, effectively preventing moisture from penetrating the insulation and impacting its performance. The strategically designed grooves securely hold the underfloor heating pipes in place, ensuring a consistent and uniform heat distribution across the entire floor surface.

Water Underfloor Heating Compatibility

We have specifically engineered our overlay boards to seamlessly integrate with water-based underfloor heating systems. The grooves in the foil layer easily accommodate the pipes used for circulating warm water, facilitating efficient heat transfer throughout the system.

Thermal Efficiency

By installing our piped underfloor heating boards beneath your underfloor heating system, you can significantly enhance its thermal efficiency. The EPS material acts as an effective barrier, minimizing heat loss to the substrate below, and maximizing the heat output into the room above.

Easy Installation

Our EPS grooved foil water underfloor heating insulation boards are lightweight and user-friendly, streamlining the installation process. They are commonly available in standard sizes, allowing for easy cutting and shaping to perfectly fit your specific floor area.

Compatibility with Different Floor Finishes

Our Underfloor Heating Board is compatible with a wide range of floor finishes, including tiles, laminate, and engineered wood. They provide a stable and level surface, ensuring seamless installation of your preferred floor covering. Experience the benefits of our EPS100 grooved foil water underfloor heating insulation boards. Upgrade your underfloor heating system with exceptional thermal insulation, moisture prevention, and uniform heat distribution. With their simple installation, water compatibility, and compatibility with various floor finishes, our insulation boards are the ultimate choice for optimizing your underfloor heating system.