Electric Under Laminate / Wood Foil 150w Underfloor Heating Mat



Combymat Heating Mats

An earth shielded system designed to be used
beneath quality floating laminate and engineered
board floors without the requirement for covering
with levelling compounds. With the addition of
Overlay Boards this versatile system can be also be
used beneath carpet, vinyl, linoleum and bonded
board floor coverings, without requiring any wet
trade. The mats can provide sole source heating in
reasonably well insulated rooms, and floor warming
in other situations.
The mats are quick to install and can be ‘cut-andturned’
like a conventional undertile heating mat.
When used with Heat Mat’s intelligent thermostats
they provide a fast reacting and cost-effective
heating system.
• Designed to provide sole source heating in most
• Dual conductor system – only one power lead per
heating mat, enabling simple installation
• Once installed the system has a functional earth
• Aluminium heat dissipation layer designed
to spread the heat out from the cable
• No requirement to cover the mats with an
additional levelling compound or moisture
barrier, saving build height and costs
• Cut-and-turn design offers significant
advantages over panel type systems
and speeds up installation
• The 6mm insulation that forms part of the
system provides acoustic deadening as
well as thermal insulation
• Combymats are not suitable for use in wet areas
such as bathrooms and wetrooms

Additional information

Heat Mat m2 Size

1 m2, 1.5 m2, 10 m2, 12 m2, 15 m2, 2 m2, 2.5 m2, 3 m2, 3.5 m2, 4 m2, 4.5 m2, 5 m2, 6 m2, 7 m2, 8 m2, 9 m2


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