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Florian Ahmad (Left), Beenish Ahmad (Right)

Being a family man, the best time of the day for me is when I am in the comfort of my home, with my wife and children just enjoying each others company. What makes this even better is when anyone can sit anywhere in the room like on the sofa, the chair the floor or on the rug. As long as the area is a Cosy Space to spend some time, right? Well the floor is usually colder then the room, and the heat is usually where the radiator is installed. I came up with a solution, by insulating the floor and adding underfloor heating. This is when I realised that there must be many people who probably want the same thing I did.

In 2017 I started my business with the intention of offering the same idea to other like minded people who need a CosySpace in their home.


Underfloor Heating




Underfloor heating is not something new, its been around for centuries and it is becoming

increasingly popular in the UK due to its low maintenance, low cost and the fact that it frees up your wall from the radiator.

The heat distributed from underfloor heating is far more comfortable and efficient compared to the conventional central heating radiator system, underfloor heating mats draw cold air across the floor, heating the floor and then convecting it upwards towards the ceiling, and thus providing an even distribution of heat.





In my mind, floor insulation is more important then heating mats, the reason for this is because a well insulated house would not need to use a lot of energy to heat the house, because not much heat is escaping.  So if you decide that you would like to stick to the conventional central heating system, you should still install this insulation as it would make an enormous difference.

XPS boards have proven to reduce your utility bill cost when installed for your floors, walls ad ceilings.  These Insulation boards are made with a special closed cell structure which means that they do not conduct heat. When you lay CosySpace XPS boards as an underlay any heat from your room or floor will be reflected back towards the floor surface.